Benelli 828U 12ga. 28.5" Gorgeous receiver and Gorgeous upgraded wood!

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Benelli 828U over-under shotgun in 12 gauge with a 28.5-inch barrel. This model combines Benelli's renowned reliability and modern technology with the classic appeal of an over-under shotgun, making it a standout choice for both hunters and sport shooters.

  • Barrel Length: 28.5 inches, perfect for a balance of maneuverability, making it suitable for both field and sporting use.
  • Gauge: 12ga, offering great versatility for various shooting disciplines, including bird hunting and clay shooting.
  • Innovative Features:
    • Progressive Comfort System: Benelli’s patented recoil reduction system is integrated into the stock, significantly reducing recoil and improving shooting comfort.
    • Carbon Fiber Rib: Lightweight and durable, the carbon fiber rib contributes to the overall lightness of the shotgun and aids in maintaining a steady aim.
    • Adjustable Drop and Cast: The shotgun comes with shims to adjust the drop and cast of the stock, allowing shooters to customize the fit to their specific needs.
  • Condition: This Benelli 828U is in excellent condition, showing minimal wear and demonstrating careful maintenance.
  • Chokes: Equipped with a set of interchangeable chokes, providing flexibility to adapt the shotgun’s performance to different shooting situations.

Additional Details:

  • Engravings: The receiver of the 828U features minimalistic yet elegant engravings that enhance its visual appeal without being overly ornate.
  • Ergonomics: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the stock and forend are shaped to provide a comfortable and natural fit, enhancing the overall handling of the shotgun.
  • Safety Features: Features an easily accessible safety mechanism located at the top of the receiver, making it convenient and intuitive to engage or disengage.

Purchase Information:

  • Expert Consultation Available: To learn more about this Benelli 828U or to arrange a viewing, please contact us at 954-676-0714. Our knowledgeable staff can provide detailed information and help you assess whether this shotgun meets your needs.

Trade Opportunities:

  • Consideration for Trades: At Royal Sporting Arms, we are open to discussing trades. If you have a firearm you wish to trade, bring it in for an evaluation and explore how it can be part of your next firearm investment.