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Rizzini BR552 Special Small 28 ga 29" right side
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Introducing the Refined Rizzini BR552 Special Small in 28 Gauge

Elevate your shooting with the Rizzini BR552 Special Small, a 28 gauge shotgun that defines elegance and functionality. Its 29-inch barrels ensure precise shots, while the multi-choke system offers versatility in various shooting environments. Ideal for both competitive and recreational shooters, this compact shotgun provides exceptional handling and performance.

Key Features:

  • Barrel Length: 29 inches for optimal maneuverability and pinpoint accuracy.
  • Gauge: Lightweight and easy to handle, the 28 gauge is perfect for those who value a smooth shooting experience.
  • Action: The reliable sidelock action not only provides smooth functionality but is also adorned with intricate engravings that highlight the artistry of Rizzini.
  • Stock: Made from select pieces of walnut, the ergonomically designed stock ensures comfort and durability, making long shooting sessions more enjoyable.
  • Chokes: Adjustable multi-choke system allows for maximum adaptability, enhancing performance across different shooting disciplines.

The Rizzini BR552 Special Small is your gateway to a new level of shotgun performance, blending traditional aesthetics with modern shooting needs. Whether you're at the clay range or in the field, this shotgun stands as a testament to quality and precision. Step up your game with a shotgun built for the discerning marksman.

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