Rizzini BR552 Special Small 28ga 29" | 131540

Rizzini BR552 Special Small 28ga 29" right side
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Master the Art of Shooting with the Rizzini BR552 Special Small 28 Gauge

Immerse yourself in a superior shooting experience with the Rizzini BR552 Special Small. This 28 gauge shotgun, with its precisely engineered 29-inch barrels and comprehensive multi-choke system, is tailored for shooters seeking flexibility and finesse.

Key Features:

  • Barrel Length: The 29-inch barrels ensure outstanding balance and pinpoint accuracy, essential for both competitive and leisure shooting.
  • Gauge: The 28 gauge model provides a perfect harmony of lightness and effective shot patterns, suitable for various shooting styles.
  • Action: The refined sidelock action not only guarantees smooth operations but is beautifully adorned with artisan engravings, representing Rizzini's heritage of gunmaking.
  • Stock: Ergonomically designed from top-quality walnut, the stock offers exceptional comfort and control, enhancing the shooter's endurance and precision.
  • Chokes: With its adaptable multi-choke system, this shotgun allows for optimal performance customization, suited to diverse environments and targets.

The Rizzini BR552 Special Small redefines what it means to own a high-performance shotgun, combining traditional aesthetics with modern shooting demands. Whether aiming for clays or pursuing game, this shotgun promises reliability, elegance, and unmatched precision.

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