Grulla Armas Royale 28 Gauge 30" Shotgun | Royal Sporting Arms

Grulla Armas Royale 28 Gauge 30" Shotgun right side
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Grulla Armas Royale 28 Gauge Shotgun | Royal Sporting Arms

Explore the new Grulla Armas Limited Royale model 28 gauge with a 30-inch barrel at Royal Sporting Arms. Featuring exhibition-grade wood and a CCH finish, this shotgun combines beauty with performance. Call 954-676-0714 for exclusive viewings.

Introducing the Grulla Armas Limited Royale - 28 Gauge Shotgun


Royal Sporting Arms proudly presents the Grulla Armas Limited Royale model, a pinnacle of gunmaking artistry. This brand-new 28 gauge shotgun with a 30-inch barrel is designed for discerning shooters who appreciate both aesthetic excellence and superior performance.

Key Features

  • Barrel Length: At 30 inches, the barrel provides a longer sight plane, enhancing pointability in the field.
  • Lighter Gauge for Precision: The 28 gauge offers a gentler recoil and more uniform pattern, making it a preferred choice for upland bird shooting.
  • Exquisite Woodwork: The shotgun boasts exhibition-grade wood, chosen for its beautiful grain and finish, ensuring ergonomic comfort and stunning appearance.
  • Color Case-Hardened Finish: Features a spectacular multi-colored case-hardened finish that not only adds to the durability but also elevates the gun’s visual appeal.
  • Enhanced Durability: Equipped with side clips for strengthened barrel and frame lock-up, characteristic of bespoke high-end shotguns.
  • Condition: New 2024 Production

Additional Luxurious Touches

  • Elegant Engravings and Gold Inlay: This Royale model features hand-engraved details with optional gold inlays, enhancing its exclusivity.
  • Optimal Balance and Ergonomics: Designed for balance and ease of handling, ensuring comfort and performance while in the field.

Exclusive Viewing and Trade Opportunities

  • Private Viewings Available: Contact Royal Sporting Arms at 954-676-0714 to schedule a private showing or to discuss the Grulla Armas Royale's fit for your collection.
  • Premium Trades Considered: We offer the possibility to trade high-quality firearms, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance or diversify your collection.

For IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE and to explore the beauty and craftsmanship of the Grulla Armas Limited Royale model, CALL or Text 954-676-0714.