Perazzi MX2000/3 29.5" 3 notch adjutable rib and Spectacular upgraded wood!

Close-up view of the Perazzi MX2000/3 shotgun featuring a 29.5-inch barrel with a 3-notch adjustable rib and beautifully upgraded wooden stock.
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Perazzi MX2000/3 with Gorgeous Wood, Adjustable Rib, and Interchangeable Bottom Choke

Perazzi MX2000/3, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and shooting balance. This specific model comes equipped with a stunning upgraded stock set, an adjustable rib for tailored point of impact, and an interchangeable bottom choke for versatile shooting configurations.
Key Features of the Perazzi MX2000/3:

  • Stock Set: The stock and fore-end are crafted from high-grade turkish walnut, featuring deep, rich grain patterns and a luxurious high gloss finish that not only looks splendid but also provides a comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable Rib: One of the standout features of this model is its adjustable rib, allowing shooters to modify the point of impact. This feature is particularly valuable for competitive shooters who need to fine-tune their shot based on varying conditions and preferences.
  • Interchangeable Bottom Choke: This Perazzi is equipped with an interchangeable choke system at the bottom barrel, enhancing its versatility. Shooters can easily switch chokes to optimize shot patterns for different types of clay targets or game. Fixed Full top barrel.
  • Barrel Length and Gauge: 29.5" 12ga.
  • Condition: The shotgun is maintained in excellent condition, showing minimal wear and demonstrating meticulous care from its previous owner.

Additional Details:

  • Engraving: The MX2000/3 often features elegant engraving on the receiver, adding an element of artistry that matches its superior functionality.
  • Performance and Handling: Known for its balance and ergonomic design, the MX2000/3 offers smooth handling and reduced recoil, enhancing shooter comfort during prolonged shooting sessions.

Purchase Information:

  • Expert Consultation Available: For more information on this Perazzi MX2000/3, to request detailed photos, or to discuss its features further, please call or text 954-676-0714. Our expert team is ready to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.
  • Delivered in brand new Negrini case

Trade Opportunities:

  • All Trades Considered: At Royal Sporting Arms, we consider trades on all types of firearms. This is a fantastic opportunity to leverage the value of your current collection towards this exquisite Perazzi shotgun.