Perazzi MX8 Release/Pull trigger with interchangeable chokes

Close-up image of a Perazzi MX8 shotgun showing the intricate engravings on the receiver.
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Perazzi MX8 equipped with a sophisticated release/pull trigger mechanism and interchangeable chokes. This setup is highly sought after by competitive clay shooters for its precision, reliability, and adaptability.

  • Release/Pull Trigger System: Set up for Release on bottom barrel first followed by pull for top barrel.
  • Interchangeable Chokes: The MX8 comes with a set of interchangeable chokes, enabling shooters to adjust the spread pattern of the shot to suit different types of clay targets or shooting distances.
  • Barrel Specifications: 29.5" Interchangeable chiokes with a full set
  • stockset: Perazzi Stockset with adjustable Comb upgrade
  • Condition: good overall condition

Additional Details:

  • Performance: Known for its exceptional balance and handling, the MX8 provides smooth operation and reduced recoil, enhancing the shooter's ability to perform consistently in competitive settings.

Purchase Information:

  • Availability and Viewing: To view this Perazzi MX8 or to obtain more detailed information about its features and condition, please contact 954-676-0714. Our experienced staff are on hand to provide expert advice and facilitate your purchase.

Trade Opportunities:

  • Open to All Trades: Royal Sporting Arms is interested in discussing potential trades. If you have firearms you are considering trading, we can provide appraisals and discuss how you might trade up to this outstanding Perazzi MX8.