Perazzi SC3 28.25" | 128607 DC

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128607 DC
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Perazzi SC3 in 12 gauge with a 28.25-inch barrel. Known for its balance, reliability, and beautiful craftsmanship, the Perazzi SC3 is a top choice among those who value performance and aesthetic in their shooting sports equipment.

  • Barrel Length: 28.25 inches, providing a unique balance and swift handling, ideal for quicker target acquisition in sports like skeet and sporting clays.
  • Gauge: 12ga, the most popular gauge offering versatility across a wide range of shooting activities, from competitive clay shooting to bird hunting.
  • Condition: The shotgun is in excellent condition, highlighting the careful maintenance and respect typically given to a firearm of this caliber.
  • Engravings: The SC3 model features exquisite engravings that are often deep and detailed, showcasing scenes of wildlife and intricate scroll work, which are hallmarks of Perazzi’s attention to artistic details.
  • Wood Quality: Comes with finely crafted wood, providing not only an elegant look but also ergonomic comfort and effective recoil management.

Additional Details:

  • Trigger System: Perazzi shotguns are renowned for their crisp and reliable trigger systems, which can often be customized or adjusted to suit individual shooting styles.
  • Reputation: Perazzi has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the finest competition shotguns in the world, and the SC3 is no exception, often seen in the hands of top competitive shooters.

Purchase Information:

  • Viewing and Consultation: To view this Perazzi SC3 or to discuss its suitability for your shooting needs, please contact us at 954-676-0714. Our experts are ready to provide a detailed walkthrough of this exceptional firearm’s features and benefits.